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does a meeting à la DROME exist?
with an object, a place, a sound, a person or perhaps all of these identities at once?
fast-empathetic-intriguing… like when someone is introduced to you and you would like to see him/her again
in this case, you are welcome to synusi@what?

concept ::: casaluce/geiger [artist/journalist]



synusi@: if deceit was a recipe, what would it be?
Davide Dato: A soufflé, maybe a little bitter-tasting In substance, it has a nice aspect, but as it goes low down, it becomes a disappointment Ingredients: Cinnamon, Walnuts, Chocolate, Hot pepper, Pepper, Salt, Coconut.

sy@: the etymology of the word mask is of uncertain derivation, not yet ascertained though. the invention of the first mask: the black angel that, disguised under cover of the spiteful snake, lured the excess away from the first mother …(tommaso garzoni /// de’ mascherari delle maschere) today we also have technological/fluid masks spread in the social networks, etc. how do you deal with this dimension?
DD: Generally, I use the social networks – Facebook and Twitter – as a means and not as an end. For example, I do not consider Facebook my alter ego, but simply as a means of communication. I think that it should be used carefully and with intelligence, but at the same time I think that it has a lot of positive aspects. I have a private profile that I use to keep in touch with people that I do not get to see often, and I also have a public profile where I post pictures and info. so that the people who are interested in my art can always be updated. At the same time, my private profile could also be defined as a mask, because I do not show anything from my private life. Another disguise :-0

sy@: geminoid F is an android built by roboticist hiroshi ishiguro. directed by ozira hirata, it premiered recently in france, after several performances, also as an adaptation of checov’s THREE SISTERS. it mimics human beings even in their facial expressions with a terribly deep look. it is a sci-fi reality that brings about new ways of creativity or do you think it is a limit?
DD: I can’t imagine me dancing with a robot-humanoid partner, as I need to feel a real human contact. I would need to feel her breathing, sweating, growing weary or to look straight at her eyes and get back some kind of emotion or also simply through her movements. I mean a human movement. At the same time, I think that a humanoid robot is a new kind of creativity, of experimentation and of hard artistic work, therefore I appreciate it.

sy@: if also perfume is part of our identity. will you tell me yours?
DD: I think that perfume plays a relevant role: I prefer a fresh, masculine and dry fragrance. Perfume has a pretty strong impact on my “thought”. I still remember the smell of the pencil case I used to have at junior school: I just open it and its smell automatically makes me relive the same feelings of fear and joy of those years. And I just need to smell the rosin powder, which as a child I used on my pointe shoes – so that they were always white -, to re-experience the same odour that pervaded the ballet hall when water made the hardwood floor very slippery… I will never forget that smell! It sends my mind back to the strain and pressure of the hard ballet classes. I also associate smell to people. For example, if I meet someone who deeply disappoints me, then even in different situations the same smell will arouse in me a feeling of dislike, and vice versa. In particular, I think that, as time goes by, the scent of a person becomes a more touching memory than a picture of him/her. This way I can’t hide from myself.

sy@: sleep brings us back to our childhood, revealing the frailty hidden by the social masks. like during childhood, it requires a maternal presence next to us, to whom we can  reveal ourselves just as we are, or better the way we don’t know we are, because sleep steals us away from ourselves (silvia vegetti finzi /// il romanzo della famiglia). do you think we should let ourselves go or defend ourselves?
DD: Somehow, we might compare sleep to the situation that gives out a scent. In this way, when we are beat, we tend to open us up more to ourselves as well as to others, though I do not find it so hard to be myself.

sy@: maybe many things are not what they seem. what behaviours you are more suspicious of and what, instead, are the ones that reassure you?
DD: A smile is definitely reassuring, but I trust more when I can make eye contact. In the end, I totally agree with the old saying that goes eyes are the window to the soul! During a conversation, I like to look people straight into their eyes and vice versa. If that doesn’t happen, I might have a gut feeling. However, I also believe in keeping an elusive aura around ourselves.

sy@: not by the face shall the man be known, but by the mask /// karen blixen from seven gothic tales. everyone has his/her own way to be true, and maybe everyone has some costumes in their wardrobe, in art as well as in life, which for me always coincide
DD: To me, the mask is not necessarily something negative, and here I refer to The servant of two masters by Carlo Goldoni, because it is impossible not to love this “old friend” who, actually, belongs to everyone! At the beginning, he represented the slacker and deceitful servant. Later, he turned into the malicious commoner though, on the whole, he is honest and well-advised. Arlecchino is one of the most genuine characters, because the mask helps him express himself. Also in the past, wearing a mask provided the chance to tell the truth that could not be told otherwise. What happens behind the mask? Goldoni says that it has to unveil everything. By wearing a mask, the main reference to the private person, the face, is concealed. The life it contains, its identity, should be animated.


* Dancer/performer Vienna State Opera Ballet

# casaluce/geiger * // 01 synusi@ cyborg:::diary Davide Dato Fw: >>>under construction ! // 2012
# casaluce/geiger * // 01 synusi@ cyborg:::diary Davide Dato Fw: >>>under construction ! // 2012
# casaluce/geiger * // 01 synusi@ cyborg:::diary Davide Dato Fw: >>>under construction ! // 2012
# casaluce/geiger * // 01 synusi@ cyborg:::diary Davide Dato Fw: >>>under construction ! // 2012

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