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A work based on fiction and subtraction. The young 30 year old artist Anna Paolini‘s pictures succeed in creating a dialogue between fullness and emptiness. Decal, stencil and ink are used as they had a rhythmic function. A rhythm that is perfectly mixed with the black and white, creating in that way a strong empathy. Everything is possible thanks to the studies about the narration through images.

DROME: You studied painting at art school for some years, but then you decided to enrol at Scuola Comics. How did you make this decision?
Anna Paolini: For logistic reasons I gave up the painting course at the Academy and I enroled at Scuola Comics because I was interested in studying the Illustration’s visual communication side in depth. From the passion for painting I started an aware research about the sign and the spaces to shape on issues to make the communication more effective.

D: Describe your style using five words.
AP: Once somebody defined it “soft and ruthless”. I liked it. It’s a clear style that tells something bitter.

D: Can you tell us which are your greatest artistic influences?
AP: Artistically, what always fascinated me is that “disturbing” element that aims to a work to be totally read. The kind of art that gives its imagination to the viewers with an extreme honesty. More than quoting famous names, I prefer a communicative approach.

D: You presented L’empatia del silenzio, your last exhibition, at Elastico in Bologna. A work based on narration through black and white images. Why did you choose to avoid colors?
AP: Black and white is a basic part of my style. Everything is about a subtraction process, the full and the empty, the line that delimits them and movement. I chose to remove and it was a standard feature of this narrative project: the reflection about the importance of silence (interpreted as inner listening and listening at what surrounds us) and the empathic communication had to emerge not only from the thoughts that followed the pictures, but from the minimal visions and the play between empty and full, too… From here came black and white, stamps, ink…

D: According to your own experience, can you tell us which are the main banalities about illustration?
AP: I think that generally people imagine it as a dimension dedicated to childhood… mostly because of the illustrated albums. But then you ask yourself: “What is for who?”…

D: Nowadays there are a lot of discourses about fashion illustration. What do you think about this recent phenomenon? Would you be disposed to collaborate with a fashion brand?
AP: I think it is an interesting thing, also about the self-production point of view! I certainly would! I like collaborations! It would be interesting and stimulating to approach my own style to a different world.

D: Which are your future projects?
AP: I’m working on a project that is still about silence and empathy, with several nuances and a more borderline project… This time it will be an illustrated album. I would really like to succeed in dealing with different issues, that sometimes are not so dealt, but that follow the same need – Silence! I cross my fingers! On the other hand, on May I am going to participate to CHEAP Street Poster Art Festival, a really beautiful and interesting event in Bologna, that will be organized by Elastico and TPO. It goes through four different neighborhoods of the city, exploring and emphasizing little known, abandoned or just passing public areas, to give them a new existence – to give their shared and participated dimension back – thanks to the street poster art!

text by: Gabriele Girolamini

Anna Paolini, L’empatia del silenzio, Courtesy of the artist
Anna Paolini, L’empatia del silenzio, Courtesy of the artist
Anna Paolini, L’empatia del silenzio, Courtesy of the artist
Anna Paolini, L’empatia del silenzio, Courtesy of the artist
Anna Paolini, L’empatia del silenzio, Courtesy of the artist
Anna Paolini, L’empatia del silenzio, Courtesy of the artist


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