Despite the heat deceptively persists this year, we have to admit that the warm and confortable state of mind is already far, so as the typical lovely and cheerful atmosphere of the Summer music celebrations… It’s all now resting in peace. But nevermind. If you are not part of the lucky ones planning a last minute Bahamas’ Coachella over December, there is nothing to worry about. Fall has come, and so a bunch of novelties which keep on hitting the contemporary music soul. For the FLASHBACK column, DROME is, hence, delightful to have recovered the face to face interview of two bands of the last London Field Day Festival line up: Here We Go Magic and Zulu Winter, who, engaged with world-wide tours and tasty featuring, have happily juggled over the festival milieus over Summer, and they are now facing the upcoming seasonal wind of events. Young fellows, clear minded and ambitious, funny and dreamy, Here We Go Magic and Zulu Winter get down into a witty and snappy interview for DROME… Enjoy!

Here We Go Magic, photo by Giulia Frigieri for DROME magazine

HERE WE GO MAGIC = Luke + Mike

DROME: I know you are from New York City. Well, do you guys think playing in New York gives you a different vibe rather than playing in Europe?
HERE WE GO MAGIC: Every city in the US is different from any others, as well as any country in Europe is different from any other. To be honest, any club is different from any other. So I don’t really know: you play in so many places that everything comes so mashed up!

D: What is your opinion about festivals then?
Luke: Mike personally loves festivals and how many people there are. He always mocks me saying that I don’t like festivals at all… I just think they are really different: if you play at festivals at our level, you play early, probably for half an hour, without soundcheck. Whereas if you’re the headliner in a show, in a little club or another unique venue with few hundred people, that is your night! You can play for an hour and half, you can stretch it out, it’s more intimate and it’s your thing… It just feels better for me. However, we love playing, so wherever we play it’s cool and it’s true that performing at festivals is a really good exposure, like Coachella for us this year.

D: How would you describe your music not using any music terminology, talking about feeling and aspirations?
HWGM: Its like a joyful tension. I think of sparkling tentacles in outer space…

D: What do you feel you have to sing and talk about with your music?
HWGM: I don’t feel I have to talk about anything; I don’t think of arts as a responsibility, I just write whatever comes out… Actually, I think it’s the opposite of that. It’s no pressure, whatsoever.

D: Who would you be if you weren’t Here We Go Magic?
Luke: I would have a farm somewhere and have a little family-community there.
Mike: I’d be an astronomer!

D: The record you listened to this morning?
HWGM: Marvin Gaye’s record Here My Dear, which we love.

DWhy the title A Different Ship? Does it state that there was a departure from the past?
HWGM: It’s a departure in a way, as every album should be in some senses. It was the name of one the song in the record, we were trying to come up with a title and I kept thinking of 2001 Spaceships Odyssey… The image of the ship is actually something stuck in my head… Ship becomes then for me a reference for spaceships. Moreover, the song we got the inspiration from, is about someone falling through planets and never hitting the surface… For example, like falling into Jupiter where there is no solid mass… The idea is that of a beautiful image of space, but also terrifying.

Zulu Winter, photo by Giulia Frigieri for DROME magazine

ZULU WINTER = Tom + Henri + Iain

DROME: How does it feel playing at Field Day Festival?
ZULU WINTER: It’s great! This is our first ever outdoor festival… No, actually we played at Southbank Festival which was outdoor too… wow! We are lied at our first answer! Ah Ah Ah! The funny thing is that we have been to Field Day few times before, but not as line-up performers, and it’s quite fun to be playing here, being able to meet other bands and friends… it’s cool!

D: The thing that characterize you on stage is… ?
Tom: I am quite tall so I am quite noticeable, but I usually stay near the back and I don’t do much moves.
Henri: We have got tasty white jackets but we are not wearing today, I feel a bit sad about that…
Iain: There is a lot of dancing going on… but, I have got a bit of a dodgy knee at the moment, so I am kind of doing an hobble dance, just dancing on one leg… Quite painful to watch!

D: Is there then anything you regret about doing or not doing on stage?
ZW: Ehm… fireworks?! We haven’t done pyrotechnics yet. Would be good taking a float around when we’re playing. Unfortunately, we are now only floating that much of the floor…You know, safety first!

D: Where does the idea of calling the album Language come from?
ZW: There’s a myth that says we actually wanted to call it Luggage, but it got misprinted on the album so now we are just living with it! Jokes apart, I think the name of the title comes from this sense of ambiguity that language gives. A lot of lyrical content is based on the idea of language and how it sometimes could fail in the possibility of communicating… So, basically the inadequacy of it. After that, we felt like music was our language, so why shouldn’t we call it that way?

D: So how do you deal with the possibility of communicating something via “the language of music”?
ZW: We are making music for ourselves, really. It might sounds a bit selfish but we make music to satisfy each others needs…ops, that sounds a bit sexual… Ah Ah! We talk about what it’s like being alive, expressing feelings, emotions, and yearning for something else, as I suppose a lot of it is about dissatisfaction, oppression caused by living in a overbearing city, claustrophobia and the need for a relief.

D: Could you tell us if there’s any way you don’t like to be called by the press?
ZW: They said we have some “dancy” rhythm, or fluty stuff over the top… The press is coming out with loads of things that we don’t agree with: I don’t think there’s been one that has really got it right, yet. We have been called the new Vaccines, but we sound absolutely nothing like the Vaccines, we only share the management with them! And also we find quite ridiculous that whoever we go on tour with, we always get called the same as them! Let’s say it, we are un-categoriza-ble!

D: And if Zulu Winter could describe themselves, what would they say?
Henri: Built on a back bone of solid grooves with atmospheric and slightly dreamier balance on top of that and then pop hooks…
Tom: That sounds awful!
Iain: Groove based, atmospheric, pop. It’s 5 words.
Tom: No, it’s 4: you have done atmospheric as syllables!

D: Last record you have been listening to?
Tom: Boards of Canada, their early stuff. It’s quite minimal and very beautiful, it’s like a drum machine, quite understated…
Henri: Amon Tobin, The Chaos Theory. Maybe a little bit dark for a morning listening…

D: If you have you chose an image representative of your music, which one would you pick?
ZW: A naked woman. However, it shouldn’t be a erotic image; she would be there standing awkwardly naked in front of the camera wondering “where the hell are my clothes?!”. Ah ah ah!

Text and photos by Giulia Frigieri for DROME magazine