“Evoking the atmosphere of my previous work, the illustration captures not the moment of the catastrophe, but the silence, the resignation, and the questions that immediately follow a disaster.”

Virginia Mori


Blank eyes gaze at an identical look, reflected in a mirror that, in the image delineated by Virginia Mori for DROME, is absent. What did I do? – they claim to know questioning the symmetrical figure sitting at the same table. The girl keeps silence and she addresses analogous questions. Neither of them dare to arch over and watch the scenario of a catastrophe already proclaimed and ended, a disaster that has left behind  all the remains: a mound of elegant women’s bodies, scattered dummies, piled as waves. Spare parts of a dump of clones, fragments of a doll, reduplicated endlessly. A catastrophe isn’t just what you have lost, but also what remains underfoot, in pieces.

Sofia Mattioli

Virginia Mori was born in Cattolica in 1981. She lives and works in Pesaro. She studied Illustration and Animation at Istituto Statale d’Arte of Urbino. She gained national prominence in garnering awards including the SRG SSR idée suisse and Annecy Call for project 2008. At the same time, she started creating animated videos and participating to the production of the show Ladscape. Among the spaces that have recently hosted her works, the Mondo Bizzaro Gallery in Rome and the Spazio Elastico in Bologna. On February 24, 2012, has been opened her solo exhibition “Se passi di qui”, off event of the BilBOLbul, the International Festival of Comics in Bologna.


by Virginia Mori, Inspired by DROME, 2012