Emotional landscapes, twisted realities “The seeds of the past can sprout into a disordered reality...

D 17 – TIME :: Lea Golda Holterman has realized “Twisted Identities”, a photo series to give account of the burden of History…


CATASTROPHE :: Among memories and phobias of Lottie Davies, once can find harmony also in the most dreadful nightmare

20111207-1076-7 YOU_shopping_cart_video_2011_detail

MEMENTO :: The new project of Ivana Spinelli finally on show at the OltreDimore Gallery of Bologna: from January 20, 2012!


FLASHBACK :: On December 2, we were at RADIO with Scarful, Xister and Studio Allucinazione, to celebrate the triumph of the black!

JONATHAN MEESE, Repro image shows a collage art work by Jonathan Meese on Nov. 25, 2011 in Berlin, Germany. Photography by Jan Bauer.Net / Courtesy Jonathan Meese.Com

MEMENTO :: The charismatic German artist will be featured in Athens in an unmissable exhibition with an unpronounceable title!


D 18 – CHILDHOOD :: Real visions and visionary realities blend inside paintings, installations and other irreverent performances


OUTLAW :: In the restrooms of Taïss Gallery, does the French artist want to launch a new trend? But why socks in a restroom?


DOUBLE :: A theme which covers all literature and art, from Adam to the Golem, from the genetics of twins to Alighiero & Boetti…


CATASTROPHE :: Death has always fascinated Mat Collishaw, the inevitable corollary to life, which does not have limits


MEMENTO :: At the Alley Gallery in Hasselt, Belgium, the double solo show of Klaas Van der Linden and Dave Decat

Yang Yongliang, Industrial Pollution

CATASTROPHE :: The Chinese artist tells us about the regression of the progression in the Celestial Empire


MEMENTO :: The Museum of Contemporary Art of Strasbourg is currently hosting the attractive show ‘Europe and its Spirits’

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