MEMENTO :: A two days event in which music, art, movies, and independent labels interact together. Welcome to Amplifest 2013!


FRESH INK :: An essay that analyzes the importance of four Chinese art groups: The Stars, The Northen Art Group, The Pond Association and Xamien Dada


FRESH INK :: A unique book about the extraordinary artistic production created during the latest European glacial era, between 40.000 and 10.000 years ago


FLASHBACK :: At the PAC in Milan, a vortex of images as much familiar as artifacts. The big solo show we were missing


MEMENTO :: June is definitely the month of Berlinde De Bruyckere, who is simultaneously protagonist in three prestigious exhibitions around the globe

Detail_Paolo Ventura, Behind the Walls #5, 2011

MEMENTO :: The fourth edition of Centrale Fotografia, in Fano, explores the theme In One’s Room: between the four walls, the artists tell their flights of fancy

Detail_Rosa Jijon, it's just a game (video still) 2012. Courtesy of the artist

MEMENTO :: Discovering the exhibition It’s Just a Game by Maria Rosa Jijon to MU.SP.AC of L’Aquila: the “migration route” are not a game, especially for immigrants

DETAIL_Mat Collishaw_Venal Muse

MEMENTO :: At FaMa Gallery in Verona, five artists explore the eternal clash between Nature and Man, in search of balance of the universe


MEMENTO :: The anarchic, freeing and even heroic gestures of the art of ‘60s and ‘70s on show at the Polish Centre of Contemporary Art


FLASHBACK :: Present with his series “Absence” in the current issue of DROME, we met again Ali Kazma at his recent exhibition in Milan: here is the interview!


CATASTROPHE :: Our intense and lively chat with the Ortas, now on show at the MAXXI in Rome with “Fabulae Romanae”


CHILDHOOD :: Simplicity, freshness and naivete, and the ability to create worlds starting from small things of everyday: we met Guy Ben-Ner!

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