Sónar is the most important electronic music festival worldwide, but for years his versatile programming is also a reference for all the cutting-edge research ranging between creativity and technology. Among the many exciting projects presented at Sónar + D and Sónar by Day we found works that intertwine visual arts and the latest digital trends, encroaching them more fully into the world of live art.
This year’s second edition of Sónar PLANTA, a collaboration between Sonar and the Foundation Sorigue, has seen protagonist like ART + COM, a studio in Berlin that uses technology as a preferred medium of artistic expression. RGB | CMY Kinetic looks like a real masterpiece of mechatronics weaving a high level of engineering with natural light. A total immersion in a setting of 500 square meters where suspended reflective discs come alive in a dance of pure colors to the rhythm of two compositions by Ólafur Arnalds. A work of light art and kinetic art that despite extensive research of high-tech design is able to move to the freshness of a simple human touch.
In the program Sónar by Day, without necessarily having to cite great names, we find incredible live sets like the young Evian Christ that in collaboration with visual artist Emmanuel Biard transports audiences into a veritable storm of three-dimensional sound made of smoke and projections. Still Biard, this time with Koreless, gives birth to The Well, a performance with a flavor of tribal ritual where cones of laser dance to the hypnotic rhythm of the music.
Also in the SalaComplex, the room more directly dedicated to visual experimentation on stage, Joanie Lemercier and James Ginzburg present for the first time Blueprint, a musical journey through architecture, imaginary spaces and geometric constructions. We interviewed Joanie Lemercier, one of the founders of the label AntiVJ, to know more about his personal research between art and technology.


It’s now clear that the contemporary art can not escape from a direct confrontation with this exquisitely technological world, and to closely follow the route of collision between two realities that still look warily at each other, this year I chose Barcelona to Basel!

Andrea Montesi

Sonar 2015 :: Barcelona June 18:19:20