ROSSELLA BISCOTTI :: For the Mnemonist, S.

Reanimating memory, redeeming bad memories.

For Rossella Biscotti, the individual rarely becomes personal. The memories, the ideas and the hopes that inspire her works are collective and paradigmatic, yet at the same time they reflect a profoundly human sensibility and attention which is essentially feminine. After viewing I dreamt that you changed into a cat…gatto ha ha ha (2013) at the last Venice Biennale, the feminine element and the sensibility emerging from it recalled to my mind the life and work of Louise Bourgeois.
“My work grows from the dual between the isolated individual and the shared awareness of the group”, said Louise. Her artistic practice was based, at a undoubtedly most intimate level compared to Biscotti, on suffering, frustration, vulnerability, persecution and disorder. She would have certainly shared with Rossella her empathy towards the minority groups – I told myself -, she who had to cope with the feeling of being a child abandoned to herself and to her fears; she would have shared, with the Venetian “witches” from the women’s prison on the Giudecca Island, her interest in the oneiric, the darkness, the mistery and the repressed that Biscotti has turned into sculptures and let out from the cell; she would have admired women who, just like her, were deprived of their primitive impulses and who, maybe, were looking for a way to recover them. She would have appreciated the work by Biscotti – I thought.

Michela Alessandrini

Rossella Biscotti
For the Mnemonist, S.
Avenue Van Volxemlaan 354

Brussels, from May 28 to August 17, 2014