The first article on musical tips signed by Alpacha Distro and published on the DROME magazine website could only be about a standard-bearer of the DIY culture, one of the most important heroes of the past 15 years of indie label: Bruno Dorella, composer and guitarist of music band Ronin.

The first features of the latest masterpiece by the Ronin are also the soundtrack of the first Snake video game. Do you know how to play Snake? You move around in every directions with the goal to grow bigger and to try to last out, also reusing the same paths, as your body grows longer. A record with no words, which gives voice to personal and subjective views through circular arrangements that open and close a number of stories. A rock in the desert witnesses the last clash in the old West. A costume ballad features an obscure rite. A commercial for a 70’s pastel-coloured car. An unwritten episode of Breaking Bad. A snake roams around the world from north to south, from east to west as if it was the last gift before turning into something else. Each one find his/her own meaning in that, as the album is a complete expression of sound changes set in mix of landscapes for tales of passions or of rancors.
In a word, a classic Rock album. A work that alive might result even more enthralling. The band will kick off their tour in February and it will be hitting Italy and North Europe. Save the date!

Edo Tetsuo [Alpacha Distro]

Santeria/Audioglobe, Tannen Records, 2012
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