The Oaxaca are from Cuneo, northern Italy, and are seven. They play with Miles Davis in mind and with the no wave by Contortions in the belly. They live in snowy and pristine lands, where the country side rules the roost, and where “to play” means to collect rotten fruit breaking your back under the sun. Their soul is rock, not surprisingly Boto (the guitarist) plays in the Movie Star Junkies, one of the most “physical” bands kicking around. As well as the physicality, the Oaxaca also have an electric magma that – take a look to the cover! – evokes houses occupied by junkies, with torn down walls and chipped electric wires from the 50’s. To hear them is like taking a shower with an anti-gravity. To make it clear, by quoting the press kit, their record sounds like a lot of things, but never as a pretentious artifact by conceited people of the “free” of the “freemusic” of “jazz”, it’s more like a loud “GODDAMN!”. That’s what makes them different: they are not afraid to show their naked butt because, after all, playing and taking a shit are the same thing.

Beko | Alpacha Distro

Jacob Record/Selvaelettrica, 2012
web: www.oaxaca.it / www.selvaelettrica.com