The exhibition of Maria Rosa Jijon (whose work was so much liked the last Venice Biennale of Visual Arts) has a name that leaves us to think about playful pathways: It’s Just a Game, which opens on May 31, 2012, at MU.SP.AC – Experimental Museum of Contemporary Art of L’Aquila, curated by Martina Sconci.
In truth, it is a path that tells the mazes of immigration, difficult, opposed, impeded. The word Game is indeed a trap: not only translates into play but, above all, in prey.
In an era apparently facilitated by the invasion of computers and machines, the reality is that everything looks, more and more, like the locations of Orwell’s 1984. The removal of spatio-temporal boundaries is just a consolation prize, because the customs continue to exist and overcome them is always crooked at least as to live as emigrants once exceeded.

Maria Rosa Jijon points the finger against Xenophobia, which is too many times an Italian defect, and represents it by the artwork STOP!“, composed of anti-immigration signs, or “Extraterritorial. Remake 2004 – 2012“, the Bossi-Fini’s decree, read by a distraught Latin American community. Angry, perhaps. The work that gives the name to the exhibition is the battering-ram of the artist: a recording of a stream of migrants to the border, the background music is sarcastic, reminiscent of a video game, but refrain Nerd: it may seem an artifact, a rhetoric. Unfortunately, it is not.

Ilaria Giordano

It’s Just a Game
MU.SP.A.C. Museo Sperimentale d’Arte Contemporanea
via Ficara Piazza d’Arti

L’Aquila, from May 31 to June 12, 2012