LONDON 1.0 ::

What’s happening in the art capitals of the world? What is driving young artists, painters, sculptors and photographers today?
These are just some of the questions that the Galerie Reitz e.K. wants give an answer through a series of retrospectives, starting with a selection of emerging artists based in the British capital. The artistic value, fresh, passionate, vigorous is the common denominator of the first exhibition, London 1.0. The underlying theme of the group show is not the content affinity of the artistic works, but the heterogeneity seen as a starting point to determine the artistic richness of each cultural center.
London will be the first city represented in the spaces of the multimedial platform in Cologne through the work of seven artists operating in different fields of visual communication: Sam Burford, Charlotte Hopkins Hall, David Jones, Liron Kroll, Rachel Pedder-Smith, Dolores de Sade and Paulina Otylie Surys. The latter, a young Polish-born photographer, has created for Catastrophe, the current issue of DROME magazine, the editorial The Riders of the Apocalypse. The images are analogue and hand-coloured using a mixture of toners, chemicals, inks and dry dyes.
And from an excerpt of the series, DROME has also produced a limited edition poster of 250 copies.
From June 30!


Galerie Reitz e.K.
Sankt-Apern-Strasse 44-46

Cologne, from June 30 to September 1, 2012