A farmer, philosopher and poet, Alberto Caeiro; an engineer who prefers to write poetry, Alvaro de Campos; a doctor, Latin scholar and monarchist, Ricardo Reis; and finally, him: Fernando Pessoa. It is probably the most fascinating “story” of modern literature. Not mere pseudonyms, but true heteronyms: with these, the Lusitanian writer-poet lived parallel worlds, other selves, showing us his different souls, other people who are not just characters, managing to give each of them their own distinctive stylistic point. What makes the Pessoa’s story more intriguing is that every person with whom he signed himself is an extraneous at the same time, and that the writer, questioned on it, talks about his real hysteria. He, or rather all four, inspired, charmed, tickled the creativity of the eclectic Linde Burkhardt – designer, teacher, critic and artist -, who for them has created four beautiful carpets. Four portraits of different people, but with a common identity. Different forms, soft and wavy, squared and strict, alternating sinuous lines to straight lines, have all common colours. The four carpets, which Burkhardt designed for Driade – with which she previously collaborated -, are pure new wool and made using the “hand tufted” technique, which involves the insertion of wire wool in the base fabric with a special gun. What is striking is the idea that there is within each of us a bit of “hysteria” and that those four characters turn in colour our soul.
The carpets will be presented at the Salone del Mobile in Milan 2012.

Valeria Corti

Fernando Pessoa, Alvaro de Campos, Alberto Caeiro, Ricardo Reis by Linde Burkhardt
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