Sistema di riferimento monodimensionale


In the scenarios that belong to the history of our industrial culture, there are some personalities that clearly stand out.
They are men unfailingly committed to their hope of progress, cogs in the social machine entangled in their own industriousness.

Among these pictures of a tangible past, which seems to stand out in all its geometric reality at the viewer’s eye, Lamberto Teotino performs a supernatural operation, an ambiguous shift within time and space that cleanly cuts the flesh of the image, as in a mathematical interruption in the process of appearance of the vision.

It is like an error in data transmission, a simultaneous shift of the body that makes the randomness of the movement objective, a portion of a non-single story that develops within the spatial-temporal chaos of the multiverse. Such are the binary enigmas that Teotino places at the core of his creative research, and in front of which the firm certainty of reality wavers. The perfect architecture of unknown things hides behind minimal inexact variations.

Micol Di Veroli

Lamberto Teotino, born in Naples in 1974, is specialised in visual arts. He lives and works in Rome.


Published on DROME 19 – the SUPERNATURAL issue