Only insensitive people can resist to the discreet charm of puppets. It is demonstrated by Monitor gallery in Rome, where the Greek artist Kostis Velonis‘ works are hosted until May 4th. More than an exhibition, Gra(m)mary of Puppetry is a space-time trip in the history of theatre: from the Greek-Roman antiquity to the modern times, from the birth of the puppet to the “Object Theatre”. Even the gallery rooms turn into a minimal stage, where the artworks emerge in all their expressiveness. Moreover, the use of poor and salvaged materials emphasizes the real dimension of Velonis’ drawings, printed pictures and sculptures.
The Greek artist’s research is defined by a great concreteness, and it’s studded with quotes from the Russian constructivism, from Bauhaus and from the radical movements of 1968. Observing more closely, the social and political influences are absolutely not hidden; on the contrary, they are combined with the grammar of vision. As a semiotician would say, all that makes the Velonis’ research a text hard to decode. But once you have understood the meaning, it would be worth it.

Gabriele Girolamini

Kostis Velonis :: Gra(m)mary of Puppetry
via Sforza Cesarini 43a-44
web: www.monitoronline.org

Rome, from March 28th to May 4th 2013