From “True Prep: It’s a Whole New Old World” and before “The Official Preppy Handbook“, bibles on preppy thought edited by Lisa Birnbach, to Ivy Style, an exhibition that tells the story of one of the most famous and enduring trends of the 20th century.
From its founding in 1910, in America’s most prestigious campuses, to contemporary reinterpretations, the Preppy is presented in the exhibition at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York with an unprecedented show divided by subject areas designed to recall the three main periods of the evolution of Ivy League Look: the one between the two wars, from 1920 to 1930, the follower, from post-world War until 1960, until the most recent revivals from the 80’s to nowadays. With preppy style, appropriate for every situation, from daywear to sportswear, from casual clothing to the typical college clothes at Cambridge, Princeton or Harvard, t-shirts, polo shirts, cardigans (in the traditional British colours red, green bottle, navy blue and beige), an indispensable accessory and a tweed or tartan cloth, long and narrow capri model trousers or chinos, become inevitable pieces for the wardrobe of a man in Ivy Style.
Curated by Patricia Mars, the show about the timeless style – celebrated, among the others, by Polo Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Gant, Brooks Brothers and of course Tommy Hilfiger -, will open on September 14!


Giulia Fasanella

The Museum at FIT
227 West 27th Street
web: www.fitnyc.edu/museum
New York, from September 14, 2012, to January 5, 2013