The Collezione Maramotti, after the exhibition dedicated to Alessandro Pessoli which ended in January, again turns its view across the border by involving the Pakistani artist Huma Bhabha, who presents her solo exhibition “Players”…

Huma Bhabha’s art is not very uplifting, but really up-to-date, because its “Players” are players in a post-life, the result of unresolved historical dramas. In a strictly historical-artistic field, her way of conceiving the work contrasts with the Western view of the sculpture as a form of representation. The aim of her masks is “to suspend modernist sculpture, evoking the archaic and the futuristic” (M. Diacono).
Bhabha focuses on the face, attractive fulcrum of all the forces and the physical and mental latencies, and presented in its frontal fixity, like a hunting trophy. Seen live, the sculptures of the Pakistani artist intimidate, because everyone can find in them the principle of its own monstrosity: the human and animal overlap, as a mirror of the same interior image. The faces created by the artist are the symbol of the chamaleon creeping of the modern man, usually concealed under his everyday mask. A journey between the archaic, the animal-like and the futuristic, in Reggio Emilia until April 15.

Fulvio Chimento

Maramotti Collection
Via Fratelli Cervi, 66

Reggio Emilia, until April 15, 2012