The slight heaviness of the photos by Claudia Pajewski tells her presence, subtle but pervasive, behind the scenes of ricci/forte’s shows. Their sensibilities are capable of fusing, the soul of the artist and those of the authors / actors of this carnal theater share a sacred Fire, an attention to the wrinkles of the bodies, the smells that leak out despite the medium doesn’t allow it, the suffering of acting and exprimentation.
This attitude has rewarded Claudia, winning ex aequo with Serena Serrani the Prize Hystrio Eyes Scene 2012, who conquered the jury with an articulated reportage that doesn’t surrender to the lure of excess, typical of the works of ricci/forte; her photos are rather details, colorful narratives fed by an itch that only the brothers Grimm are able to arousing, and from whom the Roman company got the idea for the recent show Grimmless, taking inspiration from deconstruction, in fact, of the konwn noir tales.
DROME magazine did the honors, on a summer day in 2010, introducing the photographer to the actors on the occasion of the shooting for the colunm synusi@blog (do you remember the article of ricci/forte dedicated to Childhood?), since then the fellowship has never stopped and even better, is often crowned by the recognition of the critical: ah, les enfant terribiles!

Ilaria Giordano