Two books, one short film, one happening and the boxing mysticism as the glue of everything. On November 16th 2013, Queens Museum of Art in New York reopens through a multimedia showcase for the presentation of All Over, a project by Gabriele Tinti (who already wrote for DROME n. 17 – the Time issue) in collaboration with the American painter and actor Burt Young (a legendary actor who featured in Chinatown, Once Upon a Time in America and Rocky, in which he played the friend and brother-in-law Paulie).
All Over gathers into a single volume the verses written by the author and curator from the Marches after the publishing of The Way of the Cross, that was realized in collaboration with the Emmy and Golden Globe winning actor and director Michael Imperioli. The book is published by Mimesis in the Italian and English version, and it was translated by Nicholas Benson, who won the NEA Translation Fellowship for his English translation of several authors, from Palazzeschi and Foscolo to Bertolucci. The collection is followed by the art book titled A Man, which includes the namesake poem. It is a Danilo Montanari publishing limited edition volume illustrated by Burt, who is at the same time the protagonist of Michele Civetta‘s black and white short movie produced by Quintessence Film.
Gabriele Tinti is keen on the boxing world, of which he explores the sentimental tensions in a narrative way, proposing the boxer figure as a hero and singing epinician lyric poems about the loneliness and sorrow that surround him when he is defeated. It is not the victory as a moment close to the deity that interests the author, but the falling through which the boxer shows his fragility returning to being just a man, and moving the reader to pity, respect and compassion.
The American event is part of the museum programme dedicated to poetry, which includes some performances by authors like Charles Bernstein and Tan Lin, and a Burt Young reading together with the projection of the poetry movie – a film that will participate to important festivals such as the Special Edition in London, the Poetry Festival in New York and The Atheneum in Boston soon. Furthermore, there will be a talk between the two authors and the English translator.

Elena Gasparri

Gabriele Tinti and Burt Young :: All Over
Queens Museum of Art
New York City Building | Flushing Meadows Corona Park

New York, November 16th 2013, 7-9 PM