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“The use of children as our favourite subjects started from the fact that, because of age, physicalness, sexuality, they are apparently “pure”. They don’t communicate any kind of history, background, time marks. They don’t have evident expressiveness and can interpret our topic without sending concepts to the user that may divert the attention from the main meaning of the work. An adult, however hard we try to strip him of his emotions, has as life a direct relation to the somatic features composing him, meanwhile children don’t.
Children, so represented, can give a more precise meaning to the action they are performing. They take the purpose out of the gesture, suspending it and making it phenomenologically pure.
The immobility and strength inside our children’s gaze allow them to acquire consciousness of the environments, of the reality represented inside the image, of the actions and, most of all, towards the audience.”

FRP2 started in October 2007 from the combination of Roberto Prosdocimo and Filippo Piantanida’s personal pursuits.


Published on DROME 18 – the CHILDHOOD issue