Effimera is at its second edition, consistent with the intention stated by its curators in 2016: finding and promoting artists, preferably Italian artists with some international experience, that make the advanced use of technology their signature style.
In 2016, Effimera found its core in the Web, meant as an instrument of artistic and relational knowledge thanks to the artists that were featured in that edition, like Eva and Franco Mattes, Carlo Zanni, and Diego Zuelli. The 2017 edition focuses on the analysis of the immaterial component of today’s artistic research, exposed (and summarized) within an exhibit tour that also includes the creation of a sensorial journey through recent artistic trends. The curators Fulvio Chimento and Luca Panaro have divided the 500 sq. m. of MATA into three different spaces: there, the point of departure for the sensorial journey is sound artist Roberto Pugliese’s research on sound, whereas the point of arrival are the optical fiber light installations by Carlo Bernardini. Finally, the tour articulates around Sarah Ciracì’s fluctuating digital frescoes.
EFFIMERA – Sounds, Lights, Visions is built around an eminently immersive exhibit tour, specifically designed and structured for MATA: three imposing environmental installations, adjacent but separate, mark a linguistic and temporal distinction, but at the same time suggest an idea of continuity within the development of art.

Museo MATA

Via della Manifattura dei Tabacchi, 83
Web: www.mata.modena.it

Modena, 18 March – 7 May 2017