EFFIMERA :: Disharmonic Relations

The MATA (Manifattura Tabacchi Modena) is the new space in Modena devoted to contemporary culture. It will be hosting the exhibition EFFIMERA – Relazioni disarmoniche, curated by Fulvio Chimento and Luca Panaro, and featuring works by Eva and Franco Mattes (1976), Carlo Zanni (1975), and Diego Zuelli (1979). The exhibition, with free admittance, has been produced in collaboration with the Galleria civica of Modena.
Effimera is an experimental show devoted to New Media Art, focusing on a selection of 1970s-born Italian artists using highly innovative technological apparatuses. Art is the mirror and the result of any ‘update’ of the present and, therefore, all the works exhibited are not ‘material’, but originate from digital experiences. Effimera displays immaterial works, whose actual presence in the exhibition tour is one of their many forms of fruition: they also exist on the Web, and are inspired by it; they change in real time according to the infinite number of connections and possibilities of exchanges made available by interactivity. Consequently, the exhibition space becomes a potential appendix of the visitor’s virtual life.


Via della Manifattura dei Tabacchi, 83
Meet the artists: www.mata.modena.it/news/effimera-eventi/

Modena (Italy), April 3 – May 22 2016