News from The Gallery Apart crew: away from the crazy center, on March 15th the Roman gallery will inaugurate the new, airy spaces in via Francesco Negri and, for the occasion, will host Missing Parts, the first solo show in Italy by the Czech artist Dominik Lang. Curated by Lýdia Pribišová, the event includes a site-specific installation that interacts with the surrounding things, insomuch as it involves both the exhibition floor and subverts the proper hierarchy of the space. Indeed, the exchange between piece and context is a recurring theme on Lang’s work, that is always halfway from sculpture and architecture. The result is a particular attention payed to materials, to the surface and to the inner contradictions of shape.
Such an approach, mainly focused on the exhibition space, could derive also from Lang’s biography: in the past, he interacted with the unofficial Czech artistic scene, which couldn’t show in official structures until 1989. The Sleeping City, that is the installation presented in the 54th Venice Biennale, represents one of his most important works, but is not conceivable as a summary of his career. In fact, Lang is one of the few artists capable of involving the visitor physically and optically in the same time. This feature makes his works, if not some architectural projects, some brief and strong architecture essays.


Dominik Lang :: Missing Parts
The Gallery Apart
Via Francesco Negri, 43

Rome, from March 15th to May 11th 2013