Twenty-four artists on view to explore the connections between digital technologies and contemporary art. The third edition of Digital Life 2012 – Human Connections has been displayed on November 15th, housing multimedia art installations, sonic environments, video art, interactive art and photographic works. The exhibition is made possible by Fondazione Romaeuropa and it invites the viewer to experience a miscellaneous approach to art, approach that is articulated in three different exhibition areas.
Ex GIL in Trastevere hosts the works of emerging creative artists that analyze the link between space, technology and art, such as Apparati Effimeri, Filippo Berta and Daniele Puppi.
The well-recognised names, on the other hand, are situated in MACRO Testaccio, a place dedicated to the connections that could be found in visual art, digital art, performance and photography. Marina Abramović displays two works – Insomnia (2003) and The Onion (1996) -, then there are also Vito Acconci, Jan Fabre, William Forsythe, Lech Majewski and others.
Lastly, Opificio Telecom Italia is the place where people can watch movies, documentaries and music videos made by some of the artists in sight. In addition there will be meetings with the creators.

Digital Life 2012 – Human Connections
A project by Romaeuropa
Ex GIL di Trastevere, MACRO Testaccio, Opificio Telecom Italia

Rome (Italy), from November 15 to December 16, 2012