CATASTROPHE :: Our intense and lively chat with the Ortas, now on show at the MAXXI in Rome with “Fabulae Romanae”

CATASTROPHE :: On the occasion of his recent show in Bologna with Il Teatro degli Orrori, we had the pleasure to chat with Pierpaolo Capovilla

DOUBLE :: The absence that becomes the missing half and double identities in the work of the
artist Lindsay Seers

CATASTROPHE :: Is it possible to show beauty in the darkness? We walked through the obscure depht of an apocalyptic dream, the one by Shazzula Nebula!

CHILDHOOD :: Simplicity, freshness and naivete, and the ability to create worlds starting from small things of everyday: we met Guy Ben-Ner!

DOUBLE :: The tangible splitting in the highly-rated art of Cindy Sherman, today on show at MoMA in New York and at Vertical Gallery in Vienna

OUTLAW :: Three curators for three questions to the Spanish artist on the occasion of his solo show at the Lisson Gallery

FOOD :: A portfolio of images that speaks of hunger, hunger of themselves, of all that has been

NOMADISM :: The word nomadism shares the same root with the word nomos. Did the nomads invent the identity betwen territory and law?

BODY :: For the THEMATIC PILLS column, casaluce/geiger alias synusi@ brings us her chat with the young artist azt!

SUPERNATURAL :: An exhibition in San Francisco has celebrated the most charming personification of the American dream

CATASTROPHE :: Among memories and phobias of Lottie Davies, once can find harmony also in the most dreadful nightmare

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