CATASTROPHE :: On the occasion of her exhibition at MAXXI in Rome, we met one of the most interesting contemporary Italian photographers

CATASTROPHE :: Our intense and lively chat with the Ortas, now on show at the MAXXI in Rome with “Fabulae Romanae”

CATASTROPHE :: On the occasion of his recent show in Bologna with Il Teatro degli Orrori, we had the pleasure to chat with Pierpaolo Capovilla

CATASTROPHE :: Is it possible to show beauty in the darkness? We walked through the obscure depht of an apocalyptic dream, the one by Shazzula Nebula!

CATASTROPHE :: Among memories and phobias of Lottie Davies, once can find harmony also in the most dreadful nightmare

CATASTROPHE :: Death has always fascinated Mat Collishaw, the inevitable corollary to life, which does not have limits

CATASTROPHE :: The Chinese artist tells us about the regression of the progression in the Celestial Empire