A group show on pain and punishment

OUTLAW :: Jhafis Quintero has been in prison for ten years, and became an artist while he was behind bars. He will represent Panama at the upcoming Venice Biennial. But his art is not about jail, it is about life

DOUBLE :: An interview with Cosimo Terlizzi, the Italian artist, director and photographer. A conversation about his last project, ‘L’uomo doppio’, a mix between a movie and a personal diary

SUPERNATURAL :: Joanna Malinowska exposes her Paris Boli for the retrospective of sculpture Unlimited Bodies, and displays the supernatural of faith and traditions

OUTLAW :: About (excessive) censorship and religious neutrality, about the artistic freedom to express one’s thought. From PPP to mounir fatmi, an essay that talks about what and who is outlaw today

FOOD :: If art is food for the soul, lunch leftovers are not outdone, and the art of Vik Muniz proves it. A tête-à-tête with the artist who made of them his poetic

FAITH :: A god for joy, a god for peace, and one for art. The interview with Robert Montgomery on the occasion of his solo show that also talk about Faith

LOVE :: Inspired by the most romantic of the DROME issues, Love, a text about tenderness and brutality, about Pasolini and Potemkin stairs

TRANSFORMATION :: Without Transformation the Catastrophe is inevitable. A journey into DROME through the novel by Paul Ardenne, Sans Visage

CATASTROPHE :: On the occasion of her exhibition at MAXXI in Rome, we met one of the most interesting contemporary Italian photographers

NOMADISM :: A face to face interview with the band which brings the flavour and colour of the Tuareg desert all around the world: Tinariwen!

NOMADISM :: On the occasion of his last live in Milan, we had a chat with Lewis Floyd Henry, who told us about his close relationship with the road

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