RING THE BELL :: Enter with us into the Giorgio Guidiā€™s studio, a place that reflects his idea of making art: overlapping of levels and visions, odd amalgam of materials and concepts

RING THE BELL :: We paid a call on Xabier Iriondo, eclectic musician of Italo-Basque origins, and we talked about solo albums, collaborations, future projects and sound research

RING THE BELL :: The Masbedo’s studio, which hides totemic objects, source of inspiration for their existential and uncomfortable art, has opened its doors to DROME

RING THE BELL :: A huge, inspiring space located inside an old rural court in the small town of Stezzano (Bergamo): this is the place where we met Adrian Paci!

RING THE BELL :: Waiting for the Bolognese premiere of Live Arts Week, we have been welcomed by Andrea Lissoni, curator at the HangarBicocca and co-founder of Xing network

RING THE BELL :: He is illustrator, graphic designer and founder of the creative space RADIO in Milan: our chat with Marco Klefisch!

RING THE BELL :: Under the eyes of unique portraits and old simulacra, Luigi Presicce has opened the door of his Milan-based studio to DROME!

RING THE BELL :: Enter with us into the Milan headquarter of the audiovisual experimental duo Invernomuto!

RING THE BELL :: Welcome to the DROME new column marked by hospitality, curated by Francesca Cogoni and Carlo Becalli