Disappearance, loss and the political past of Italy. Gianfranco Baruchello at Volume! in Rome


FRESH INK :: A review on “Manifesto del Nuovo Realismo” (Manifesto of the New Realism) by Maurizio Ferraris, published by Laterza


As a movie maker, Pippo Delbono is capable of great linguistical experimentation. His latest much debated effort is “Blood”


Vestoj, the Journal of Sartorial Matters, goes 4. We met its founder in London. As fashion is a highly serious issue…


Tom Lanoye revisits Medea, the result is a tragicomic metaphor of contemporary cultural differences. After touring Belgium and France, Rome is the next destination for this highly recommended pièce


MEMENTO :: In Pisa, Egyptian artist Moataz Nasr makes his personal place a collective one by merging symbols of Islamic culture and local traditions


DROMOGRAPHY :: Enjoy the colors of our planet’s skin in this wonderful Phaidon publication


Two young Italians are starting a new gallery in the heart of Brussels and the first shot is a strong statement


MEMENTO :: An exhibition in London that will make you travel through the history of arts and literature, from the classic mythology until today


D-VISIONS :: 3 Golden Globes have been awarded to “American Hustle – Looks can be deceiving”, the new film by David O. Russell


MEMENTO :: Who are the others? Who are we? Are we disconnected with them? Are we them? Chiara Fumai’s first Italian solo exhibition in Brescia.


D-VISIONS :: A homophobic, alcoholic and wild Texan cowboy faces reality and battles the greed of the big powers

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