FRESH INK :: Humpty Dumpty Publishing presents an illustrated spelling book realized by 26 international artists from the contemporary art and illustration world


D-VISIONS :: A French comedy close to the fairy tale dimension based on The Scapegoat, the first book of Daniel Pennac’s famous Malaussène series


DROMOGRAPHY #04 :: Taschen published a gigantic book about the Brazilian photographer’s epic journey in 32 countries that lasted more than 8 years


MEMENTO :: Fondazione Nicola Trussardi in Milan presents the first big exhibition in an Italian institution by Allora & Calzadilla. A striking show!


MEMENTO :: Singapore hosts an international platform made to support creativity, including a contest dedicated to the young emerging Asian artists


FRESH INK :: Published by Taschen and based on i-D magazine’s photographic archive, the book pays homage to the American fashion designer’s astonishing work


D-VISIONS :: Nominated for the Academy Awards, the movie is a deep analysis about communication, feelings and loneliness. It talks about our fragility


MEMENTO :: The two video artists and movie makers present two short films in Rome and Rivoli. A hybrid path among set-up, memory and performance


MEMENTO :: Marlborough Contemporary presents a fascinating exhibition about a Filipino image moderator, incident marks and the reposition toward the images


MEMENTO :: Queens Museum of Art in New York reopens and presents a project by an Italian author in collaboration with an American artist and actor


MEMENTO :: An exhibition that crosess any border and gives space to the eternal puzzle that forces mankind to find an order in the surrounding things


MEMENTO :: The Roman film festival hosts projections, retrospectives, lectures and talks. Amongst all the events, don’t miss CinemaXXI!

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