MEMENTO :: MACBA in Buenos Aires presents a journey through the programmed and kinetic Italian art and its connection with fashion


MEMENTO :: Atlas Gallery in London presents the Milanese artist’s work, whose images seem to be able to come to life at any moment


MEMENTO :: Mart museum in Rovereto hosts an exhibition curated by philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy featuring some of the greatest artists of the last decades


MEMENTO :: Galleria De Crescenzo & Viesti hosts a real path: a work about signs, electromagnetism and self-consciousness


MEMENTO :: It’s Maria Elisabetta Novello the winner of the Blumm Prize, whereas Michele Spanghero won the online prize


MEMENTO :: Monica Bonvicini’s practice combines the formal attention with a pressing examination of the social aspect of architecture and public space


FLASHBACK :: Maureen Paley exhibited one of the most recent photographic series made by Welling, a work dedicated to the American artist Andrew Wyeth


DROMOGRAPHY #03 :: A personal and evocative book, a circular story where each photo represents a space-time limit composed by several images


MEMENTO :: Fifteen important Italian artists reflect upon the beauty of Earth, among marine animals, fossils and ancient explorers’ finds


MEMENTO :: A two days event in which music, art, movies, and independent labels interact together. Welcome to Amplifest 2013!


MEMENTO :: Galerie Martel in Paris presents the French graphic novelist and illustrator Ludovic Debeurme’s extraordinary work


MEMENTO :: In Rome, seven artists inquire the fascinating relationship between image and object. What is the image compared to the object?

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