FRESH INK :: When the supernatural meets the realistic…

FRESH INK :: Cosmigraphics, probably the most comprehensive and surprising visual guide about the nature and perception of the cosmos among those drawn up until now

FRESH INK :: A children book, a novel about the greatest philosophical genius of 1900, Simone Weil

FRESH INK :: Alba Donati, Idillio con cagnolino, Fazi, 2013

FRESH INK :: Elemire Zolla, Lo Stupore Infantile, Marsilio, 2014

FRESH INK :: A review on “Manifesto del Nuovo Realismo” (Manifesto of the New Realism) by Maurizio Ferraris, published by Laterza

Vestoj, the Journal of Sartorial Matters, goes 4. We met its founder in London. As fashion is a highly serious issue…

FRESH INK :: The Bompiani publishing presents a new richly illustrated edition of Tolkien’s classic book. A fairy tale that isn’t just for kids

FRESH INK :: Humpty Dumpty Publishing presents an illustrated spelling book realized by 26 international artists from the contemporary art and illustration world

FRESH INK :: Published by Taschen and based on i-D magazine’s photographic archive, the book pays homage to the American fashion designer’s astonishing work

FRESH INK :: A limited edition book that combines the 15th Century Japanese Nôh theatre with the language of fashion. And with the ghost of Yukio Mishima, too.

FRESH INK :: Is it possible to tell the history of one’s nation through 100 objects? Yes, it is, and in a superb way. Fintan O’Toole’s book demonstrates it

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