A report on the 6th edition of LIVE ARTS WEEK

We went to the seventh edition of Taragalte, the festival that celebrates nomadic culture, gathering musicians from all over Africa on the Moroccan soil, every year…

Sónar is the most important electronic music festival worldwide, but for years his versatile programming is also a reference for all the cutting-edge research ranging between creativity and technology. We interviewed artist Joanie Lemercier.

Migratory flows and a site-specific happening: Mexican artist Humberto Duque rewrites “Havalina” from the Pixies. And the local Marcellina orchestra plays it.


FLASHBACK :: Altaroma is back, and we start with the talents of the Accademia di Costume e Moda, check it out!

FLASHBACK :: A show that recreates the inner world of those who find the courage to leave their original context and experiment with other artistic forms

FLASHBACK :: When Iberian flamenco and Indian Kathak meet… a wonderful multicultural explosion took place at the still ongoing RomaEuropaFestival in Rome

FLASHBACK :: An exhibition about the controversial mechanisms which determines the construction of “fame” through precise marketing strategies

FLASHBACK :: “This was my night. Were you not there? Do not miss the ones to come, because more will come. Poetic nights, political nights: humanistic, artistic, extraordinarily independent, invasive, discreet, tenacious guerrilla: uninterrupted readings until the end of the night”

FLASHBACK :: The Nederlands Dans Theater II was guest at the Festival Internazionale di Villa Adriana in Rome

The World Cup is over, time to take a look at the Brazilian artists that might give us a more realistic view on a country that, for some weeks, tried to hide a less glamorous side of society, at any costs

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