D-VISIONS :: Mike Leigh brings the “painter of light” Joseph Mallord William Turner on the big screen

D-VISIONS :: The Belgian brothers about their latest movie featuring Marion Cotillard

D-VISIONS :: Robert De Niro: “I wanted to make this documentary to do justice to my father’s art, I want him to be remembered.”

“A poem that speaks of the silence that comes from terror, of the need to break that silence, but also of the trauma that results from the breaking of that silence”. This is how director Joshua Oppenheimer explains The Look Of Silence, winner of the Grand Jury Price at the 2014 Venice Film Festival

D-VISIONS :: We had a chat with one of the sexiest men in the international movie scene, main character of the new TV series The Knick, directed by Steven Soderbergh

D-VISIONS :: A stunning documentary, or rather, a visual ode on the photographs, personality and life of Salgado, the great Brazilian photographer

D-VISIONS :: From the Australian desert to Iranian Kurdistan, from the noisy Mumbai to Japan after the tsunami, the film is a dramatic spectrum of beliefs in which each director has been entrusted with the task to tell their own vision of faith…

D-VISIONS :: When Arabs love Hebrews and vice versa

D-VISONS :: A minimal masterpiece about poverty and the tragic destiny of a man

D-VISIONS :: a mix of documentary and animation which depicts the life condition of the “moon children”, suffering from XP, Xeroderma Pigmentosum, a rare disease that prevents those who suffer from it from any contact with the sunlight

D-VISIONS :: A biographical film about one of the most controversial figures in recent Polish history

D-VISIONS :: Cronenberg is back, with a vitriolic portrait on the decay of Hollywood

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