Forget about love… the last chapter of Lars Von Trier’s Depression Trilogy is out!


FLASHBACK :: the red carpet of the 64th edition of the Berlin International Film Festival


D-VISIONS :: A movie about integrity…


As a movie maker, Pippo Delbono is capable of great linguistical experimentation. His latest much debated effort is “Blood”


D-VISIONS :: 3 Golden Globes have been awarded to “American Hustle – Looks can be deceiving”, the new film by David O. Russell


D-VISIONS :: A homophobic, alcoholic and wild Texan cowboy faces reality and battles the greed of the big powers


D-VISIONS :: The new Woody Allen movie is about a high-class American woman’s life failures and features a great-as-always Cate Blanchett in the role of a neurotic character


D-VISIONS :: A touching documentary about Gerardo Marotta and his never-ending struggle to defend one of the greatest treasures of Naples – books and culture


D-VISIONS :: The American director is back! His last movie is based on a Ibsen drama and demonstrates once again his sympathy for the independent cinema


D-VISIONS :: The Italian director realized an excellent movie in which silence is the main character, and the sea is a great spiritual force


D-VISIONS :: A French comedy close to the fairy tale dimension based on The Scapegoat, the first book of Daniel Pennac’s famous Malaussène series


D-VISIONS :: Nominated for the Academy Awards, the movie is a deep analysis about communication, feelings and loneliness. It talks about our fragility

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