MEMENTO :: Design, contemporary and tribal art, jewellery and photography. The new edition of PAD London is starting

D-SIGN :: An amiable conversation with Patrizia Moroso and Martino Gamper, on the occasion of the celebrations for 60 years of the Friulian brand

D-SIGN :: The ecologist designers mischer’traxler interviewd by DROME during the Furniture Fair of Milan, 2012: food for thought about sustainability that embraces technology

D-SIGN :: We met Sebastian Herkner at the International Furniture Fair of Milan, and we spoke about his recent projects, his collaboration with Moroso, and so on… here is the interview!

D-SIGN :: Four carpets for a poet: Linde Burkhardt honours with Driade the four Pessoa

D-SIGN :: Sanghyeok Lee’s work reminds us how important it is to re-educate our body to the pleasure of touch

D-SIGN :: Weaving the old and new, simplicity and uniqueness, without setting limits to the imagination: the eclectic style by Kiki van Eijk!

D-SIGN :: An inspiring chat with the young London-based duo who made the renovation of interior design its life goal. Massimalism rules!

D-SIGN :: In Amsterdam, a perfect combination of architecture and fashion: the 61 rooms of the Exchange Hotel, by Ina&Matt!

D-SIGN :: The current exhibition at Maxxi in Rome reveals a new and fascinating interpretation of the term “recycle”