FLASHBACK :: An exhibition about the controversial mechanisms which determines the construction of “fame” through precise marketing strategies


MEMENTO :: One of the winning projects of the Rigenerazione prize, on show in Suzzara until November 21st


MEMENTO :: Get a glimpse on Jota Castro’s interest in the social role of art and its ethical commitment at his solo show in Brussels


MEMENTO :: The contemporary Italy at Brussels’ BOZAR… Featuring DROME, of course!


D-VISIONS :: When Arabs love Hebrews and vice versa


FLASHBACK :: “This was my night. Were you not there? Do not miss the ones to come, because more will come. Poetic nights, political nights: humanistic, artistic, extraordinarily independent, invasive, discreet, tenacious guerrilla: uninterrupted readings until the end of the night”


MEMENTO :: The annual Roman gathering of artists, spectators and operators of performing arts


D-VISONS :: A minimal masterpiece about poverty and the tragic destiny of a man


FLASHBACK :: The Nederlands Dans Theater II was guest at the Festival Internazionale di Villa Adriana in Rome


FRESH INK :: Alba Donati, Idillio con cagnolino, Fazi, 2013


D-VISIONS :: a mix of documentary and animation which depicts the life condition of the “moon children”, suffering from XP, Xeroderma Pigmentosum, a rare disease that prevents those who suffer from it from any contact with the sunlight


The World Cup is over, time to take a look at the Brazilian artists that might give us a more realistic view on a country that, for some weeks, tried to hide a less glamorous side of society, at any costs

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