D 19 – SUPERNATURAL :: Nicol Vizioli created for DROME 19 a series of portraits on film based on the enigmatic life of Hildegard von Bingen

“Pieces of memories, tastes. The smell of our old dreams, of our efforts in order to make them come through.” :: synusi@blog

The elapsing of time is visible on Ed Templeton’s subjects’ faces, and there is also the need for slowness :: by Daniele Fiacco

We are all some kind of exhausted White Rabbits, always running and incapable of enjoying a good cup of tea :: by Silvano Manganaro

There is a music that slithers on the axis mundi, and that echoes in the most ancestral collective unconscious :: by Sada Ranis

D 19 – SUPERNATURAL :: In Rome, working on the new ‘skin’ of the museum Macro, comes in Dan Perjovschi’s opus mordax

They are skilful, good-looking, qualified, original, and already almost celebrities. The Raw Edges interview! :: by Valeria Corti

D 17 – TIME :: Imaginary worlds arose in his eyes, and his dresses were the protagonists of a three-dimensional dream

I remember my fellows as if it were now. Some used to sing the theme of the New World Symphony :: by Uccio di Sarcina

In other words: the poetry of the basketball playing times can be conveyed by an artist who subverts its imagery :: by Gabriele Tinti

From her souvenirs to the common cultures, Marie Hendriks stages stories, memories, myths and legends :: by Maniglier + Polla

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