D 14 – FRATERNITÉ :: In 2008, DROME met the eclectic artist Mike Giant: a lengthy interview turned out to be more like a pleasant chat with an old friend

D 16 – OUTLAW :: Chile has called Iván Navarro at the 53rd Venice International Art Exhibition. DROME wanted him to be in its “outlaw” pages

D 9 – DOUBLE :: For the survey on the “working couples” in the art world, we met Gianluca and Massimiliano De Serio

D 17 – TIME :: Lea Golda Holterman has realized “Twisted Identities”, a photo series to give account of the burden of History…

D 17 – TIME :: A company led by Lloyd Newson, the creator of choreographies that burst through time, and rip through reality

D 17 – TIME :: Battaglia develops a mysterious universe, wherein the Being comes barefoot on the stage of the Sacred…

D 18 – CHILDHOOD :: An evocative thematic portfolio and a statement by Roberto Prosdocimo and Filippo Piantanida, alias FRP2!

D 18 – CHILDHOOD :: A question to the design group of which works give the impression of being dreams made by children

D 19 – SUPERNATURAL :: While France praises Bouroullec bros., we question them about inspiring Mother Nature

His tables burn without crumbling, his wardrobes move… and clocks hands are moved by real people :: by Antonella Aquaro

Lamberto Teotino performs a supernatural operation, an ambiguous shift within time and space :: by Micol Di Veroli

D 18 – CHILDHOOD :: Real visions and visionary realities blend inside paintings, installations and other irreverent performances

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