D 9 – DOUBLE :: For the survey on the “working couples” in the art world, we met Gianluca and Massimiliano De Serio

Emotional landscapes, twisted realities “The seeds of the past can sprout into a disordered reality...

D 17 – TIME :: Lea Golda Holterman has realized “Twisted Identities”, a photo series to give account of the burden of History…

DV8, To Be Straight With You, photographer: Matt Nettheim, courtesy of DV8

D 17 – TIME :: A company led by Lloyd Newson, the creator of choreographies that burst through time, and rip through reality


D 17 – TIME :: Battaglia develops a mysterious universe, wherein the Being comes barefoot on the stage of the Sacred…

FRP2 - Filippo Roberto Piantanida Prosdocimo, Untitled, 2008, courtesy of the artists

D 18 – CHILDHOOD :: An evocative thematic portfolio and a statement by Roberto Prosdocimo and Filippo Piantanida, alias FRP2!


D 18 – CHILDHOOD :: A question to the design group of which works give the impression of being dreams made by children


D 19 – SUPERNATURAL :: While France praises Bouroullec bros., we question them about inspiring Mother Nature

Maarten Baas, from the Smoke serie, courtesy of Studio Maarten Baas

His tables burn without crumbling, his wardrobes move… and clocks hands are moved by real people :: by Antonella Aquaro

Lamberto Teotino, sistema di riferimento monodimensionale, 2011, courtesy of the artist

Lamberto Teotino performs a supernatural operation, an ambiguous shift within time and space :: by Micol Di Veroli


D 18 – CHILDHOOD :: Real visions and visionary realities blend inside paintings, installations and other irreverent performances

cream chiffon top Georgia Hardinge, jewellery Pabble London

D 19 – SUPERNATURAL :: Nicol Vizioli created for DROME 19 a series of portraits on film based on the enigmatic life of Hildegard von Bingen


“Pieces of memories, tastes. The smell of our old dreams, of our efforts in order to make them come through.” :: synusi@blog

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