D 19 – SUPERNATURAL :: PICTURE IT! (united we stand, divided we fall). Two artists who fight the antagonism between communities which, during the last Venice Biennale, finally meet themselves


D 20 – CATASTROPHE :: What noise Pathosformel associate to Catastrophe? And what smell? The latest episode of the reportage “Catastrofe, O Cara”, greeting drodesera


D 20 – CATASTROPHE :: In addition to the survival kit, also videocameras and notebooks, nothing should be forgotten. Fifth episode with Teatro Sotteraneo


D 20 – CATASTROPHE :: From hecatomb to metamorphosis. Taken from “Catastrofe, O Cara”, the words of ricci/forte, first disturbing then hopeful


D 20 – CATASTROPHE :: Third in order of appearance, CODICE IVAN interviewed for the reportage “Catastrofe, O Cara”, dedicated to drodesera 2011


D 20 – CATASTROPHE :: The second episode, this time with Dewey Dell, who describe catastophic possibilities in the pages of DROME


D 20 – CATASTROPHE :: The first episode of the reportage “Catastrofe, o Cara”, about the companies of Fies factory 2011. Meet ANAGOOR!

Detail_Fernando Prats

D 20 – CATASTROPHE :: The seismic disasters which have plagued Chile seen through the eyes of Fernando Prats. Carnet de Voyage of courageous captains


D 20 – CATASTROPHE :: Sandro Mele moves us to urgent ethical and aesthetic reflections, which have the force of the protest and the audacity of the hope


D 20 – CATASTROPHE :: A few years after our visit to Annette Messager, we go back to Malakoff to meet Christian Boltanski in his studio!


D 14 – FRATERNITÉ :: In 2008, DROME met the eclectic artist Mike Giant: a lengthy interview turned out to be more like a pleasant chat with an old friend


D 16 – OUTLAW :: Chile has called Iván Navarro at the 53rd Venice International Art Exhibition. DROME wanted him to be in its “outlaw” pages

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