He risks his life to capture the horror at the moment in which it happens. His photos are skillful compositions that tear the brutality from the oblivion

“I have always chosen subjects that people want to see: children, women and old people rather than men” :: by Elena Abbiatici

D 19 – SUPERNATURAL :: PICTURE IT! (united we stand, divided we fall). Two artists who fight the antagonism between communities which, during the last Venice Biennale, finally meet themselves

D 20 – CATASTROPHE :: What noise Pathosformel associate to Catastrophe? And what smell? The latest episode of the reportage “Catastrofe, O Cara”, greeting drodesera

D 20 – CATASTROPHE :: In addition to the survival kit, also videocameras and notebooks, nothing should be forgotten. Fifth episode with Teatro Sotteraneo

D 20 – CATASTROPHE :: From hecatomb to metamorphosis. Taken from “Catastrofe, O Cara”, the words of ricci/forte, first disturbing then hopeful

D 20 – CATASTROPHE :: Third in order of appearance, CODICE IVAN interviewed for the reportage “Catastrofe, O Cara”, dedicated to drodesera 2011

D 20 – CATASTROPHE :: The second episode, this time with Dewey Dell, who describe catastophic possibilities in the pages of DROME

D 20 – CATASTROPHE :: The first episode of the reportage “Catastrofe, o Cara”, about the companies of Fies factory 2011. Meet ANAGOOR!

D 20 – CATASTROPHE :: The seismic disasters which have plagued Chile seen through the eyes of Fernando Prats. Carnet de Voyage of courageous captains

D 20 – CATASTROPHE :: Sandro Mele moves us to urgent ethical and aesthetic reflections, which have the force of the protest and the audacity of the hope

D 20 – CATASTROPHE :: A few years after our visit to Annette Messager, we go back to Malakoff to meet Christian Boltanski in his studio!

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