And desire? It’s liquid and it dances.
We persons, wishing machines – using the definition of Deleuze and Guattari in Anti-Oedipus: it is the sensorial evidence transmitted by Beatrice Pediconi’s 9’/ Unlimited and Laure Prouvost’s Far from Words…, two video-installation project on view at Collezione Maramotti in Reggio Emilia: formally and conceptually different, similar for the offered suggestions.
Tin, tin, tin. In the concert hall that preceded the opening of 9’/ Unlimited, there were raindrops created by Icarus Ensemble, just like on the streets of Reggio Emilia on October 5th. Some hours later we would have entered in a separate world, without the daily links and affections: an incubation where the thought, which is free of suspending itself, emotionally unknot new scenes and aesthetic values: 9’/ Unlimited, 9-minute-loop video, an endless cycle, a flux beyond time and space commonly conceived. A veil of Maya, between reality and representation.
Choreographies traced by elements dissolved in water by the artist (does it perhaps remember us Nino Migliori’s hydrograms?), and then recorded by a camera fixed on high: a black and white tempera, honey, salt, cream, bronze sketches crash into each other and generate unique shapes, because they are hardly predictable and repeatable. The control is limited to the choice of the elements and the strength with which they are explained in water. All the rest is done by beauty, giving inner expression – the Aristotelic shape – to matter. The cubic hall designed and realized by Beatrice seems the negative one of the concert hall: here, the water hosts, in the harmonized sonic landscape it offers itself. The mute replaces the sound, encouraging an inner tension towards the listening of the images (in the polaroid-format artist book that follows the exhibition, even the composer Lucio Gregoretti’s musical score is only given as an image). It happens to be immersed in “a waterfall that rains between the quiet of the sky and earth” (quoting the Japanese poet’s Momoko Kuroda’s haiku). Fluid painting, moving canvas: the composition is unrolled, comes to life, moves. The recounted story is equivalent to the story’s rhythm. Flowing, rippling, standing, not wanting to disturb, dancing. We persons, wishing machines among the strength of white, which presses, and the volcanic black that confuses, and the bronze sketches shining as meteors. Desire.
On the Collezione Maramotti’s opposite side, Laure Prouvost would have offered us desire without breathing in a red mouth which yearns for Rome’s pleasures: waterfalls, lakes, berries. If you look at them together, you will love these two video-installations, as they were a continuum. By chance, coincidence or inner inclination, or maybe because it’s art itself that, with free thought, gives free desire, too.

Elena Abbiatici

Beatrice Pediconi :: 9’/ Unlimited
Fondazione Maramotti
Via fratelli Cervi, 66

Reggio Emilia, 6 October 2013 – 31 January 2014