Be Sm/ART :: Between tradition and innovation

Research on creativity and technological innovation are at the core of Be Sm/ART, a project conceived by Radicate, Association for Research on Contemporary Art and Culture. Radicate’s experimental action, expressed through both the conversation platform ( and the art projects, intends to provoke a debate on the conjunctions between art & technology.
That is why, for the second edition of Be Sm/ART, a jury composed of curators such as Charles Esche, Vasif Kortun, and representatives from local institutions selected promising artist/designer Francesca Perona’s Ceramics for the Anthropocene.
Within the frame of this ambitious project, Francesca has spent two months in residency between Albisola and Savona, in order to recover local clays to be informed and sculpted with data issued from Savona Campus’ Smart Grid, through the interaction between robotic arm 3D printer at FabLab Turin and the expertise of ceramicist Marco Tortarolo.
Perona’s project Ceramics for the Anthropocene gives food for thought on themes of particular urgency, such as the delicate relationship between local resources, environmental responsibility and the need to generate more exchanges between traditional craftsmanship and advanced technological innovation.
The process of the whole research she conducted in loco will be unveiled during a presentation on May 8th, 2017 at Savona campus, along with the exhibition of a specially conceived sculpture on view at Savona Ceramics Museum.

Michela Alessandrini

Presentation: 8 May 2017 h 11 am
Biblioteca del Campus Universitario di Savona
Via Magliotto, 2

Exhibition: 10-20 May 2017
Museo della Ceramica – Palazzo Gavotti
Piazza Chabrol, 1