An opening song is the first solo show in Milan of Nicol Vizioli – the Roman photographer, based in London, who signed an evocative fashion series on DROME 19 that you surely remember! -, which will take place at Officine dell’Immagine from November 15, 2012, to January 10, 2013, curated by Giovanni Cervi.
New photographic project, An opening song tells us about the first cry that still resonates in our collective memory as a call modulated towards a new birth. A dream, then a meeting in the crowd with the first woman bird, Hélène; Nicol pursued birds of prey and found herself in the hauntingly beautiful English countryside. In the presence of these suggestions, the artist’s soul was stirred and awakened: that part that is appeased in us and we aren’t able to express unless we don’t go back to the idea of breath of life,  something intangible, of wind and profound unity with nature and a strong and visceral past awakens. The analogical portraits by Nicol Vizioli tell us about a return to life, a collective rite of passage from one dimension to another, from simply surviving, to living, they explore the holders of this primordial spark, this original force of which we all come from. That first song which crosses us, like a lost memory which is suddenly found again.

Nicol Vizioli – An Opening Song
Officine dell’Immagine
Via Atto Vannucci 13

Milan, from November 15, 2012, to January 10, 2013